Valley of the Gods 2 by Yggdrasil

The Ancient Egypt theme is often used in casinos and is a win-win. Valley of the Gods 2 is a sequel to the popular slot machine that has won the hearts of many gamblers. In the new part, the company has implemented unique mechanics. The developers have created a slot with a higher volatility, updated the graphics, added additional options to get the maximum prize of 548 thousand euros. To get it, you need to go through the Sun Valley, covered with endless sands.

Bets and returns

Valley of the Gods 2 has 6 reels and 240 different ways to win. The minimum bet is 10 cents, and the maximum is up to € 100 per spin. The game has an autorun function. Thanks to it, you can activate from 10 to 1000 automatic spins. In the settings, you can adjust the speed of rotation of the reels. The conditions for stopping autoplay can be individually configured. For example, stop spins when a certain amount of winning is reached or if the balance has reached a set minimum mark. The RTP in Valley of the Gods 2 is 96.2%, which is the average for an online slot. With a coincidence rate of 17.7%, the player gets a winning combination in just under 1 out of 5 spins. The average variance allows you to win quite often and increases the chance of getting a super prize. Its amount depends on the total bet, which increases 6423 times.

Bonus games

Success in the Valley of the Gods 2 slot depends very much on the occurrence of certain combinations. To achieve them, re-spins were added to the game with additional bonuses (extra lives, wild reels, multipliers.) When a player receives a winning combination, he activates the re-spins function. They continue as long as the slot issues winning combinations. There are 16 positions on the reels, closed by blockers, which depict a relief scarab. Losing successful combinations releases a white scarab, which destroys 1 of the blocking blocks. With each broken blocker, the number of ways to win increases. If all blockers are destroyed, the “Scarab Collection” is launched. All remaining white scarabs turn red, yellow or blue and have unique characteristics. Scarab Collections offer the following bonuses:

* Extra Lives – extra lives dropped from red symbols. Scarabs appear from blocks Q, A, Horus. One extra life is gained for every five scarabs collected. Lack of winnings in the spinning process removes one life.

* Wild Reel – universal symbols that can be obtained for scarabs from the green and purple rare Sobek and Bastet blocks. One reel will be completely turned into a wild line for every 5 scarabs. The wild section will remain active until it gives you a prize or the re-spin function ends.

* Win multiplier – increases the prize when you receive scarabs from blue symbols 9, K, Anubis. The multiplier starts at x2 and increases by x1 for every five scarabs, no limit. First, the player gets an extra life and a win multiplier x2. If you manage to win after the first spin, an additional free respin is activated. To increase the number of additional spins, you need to collect lives from red scarabs. The bonus game ends when there are no more lives left.


Valley of the Gods 2 has a complex bonus spins system, so the slot is not suitable for beginners. The high volatility makes it attractive, as the probability of winning is quite high. Overall, the second installment of the legendary slot is a great addition to the Yggdrasil Gaming slots series. She completely surpassed the first part and added interesting combinations and bonus games to the game.