The Next Gambling Star Could Be You

Fact or Fantasy?

Everyone who gambles has the fantasy of hitting The Big One.  The possibility of this happening is a large part of the fascination of gambling.  Every day there are many winners at online casinos, making some players immediately millionaires and It could be you.

Online gamblers come from all walks of life and from all over the world and many of them have interesting tales to tell.

The Lucky Ones

One progressive slot winner, 54 year old W.H., told how gambling online is a family affair in their house.  Mr. H and his wife had spent a fun evening playing an online slot machine.  He decided to call it a day and go to bed, but his wife opted to continue for a while.  What a great decision that was!  Just as Mr. H. got into bed he heard his wife shouting.  He raced back downstairs to discover that she had won $281,865.  This family have been playing online casinos for about three years and had previously won around $50,000.  How lucky is that!

It’s not always cash that you win.  In May 2011, Phil W. from Stoke, UK, won a breathtaking one carat diamond after winning a “Chase the Diamond” slot promotion.  Phil triumphed over hundreds of participants over eight weeks to become champion.

Diane from Canada won over $26,000 playing fruitmania – her favourite game.  She still finds it hard to believe she won that life-changing amount of money on a progressive jackpot.

One of the biggest winners of the year was A.D., who won €3.8 million. Yes, that’s right, €3.8 million. He found it so hard to believe that he was a winner, he had to call and make sure because he thought it could be an error!  A.D. was playing Mega Moulah.

Been playing for years and only won peanuts?  Take a lesson from Silvana, who beat the Rags to Riches progressive slot machine to win $286,609, after playing for only six minutes with just thirteen dollars played.

30 year old Gesualdo, from Denmark, also managed to win an overwhelming $182,915 after wagering only $14!  Again, this was on the Rags to Riches progressive jackpot.

A memorable Christmas was ensured for one lucky player who won a huge £85,370 on an online scratch card game.  What a tremendous New Year he was going to have.

Your Turn Next!

What incredible stories these winners have to tell about their life-changing wins. It doesn’t matter where in the world you play from; it doesn’t matter whether you play for big stakes or small; whether you are a beginner or have been playing for years; the tales above just go to prove that winning is anyone’s game!