Online Bingo Australia – Reviews of Real Money Bingo

Bingo has a long history, but no one knows for certain when or where it was invented. What we do know is that a similar game was played in Italy hundreds of years ago, although in truth, modern bingo players probably wouldn’t recognise this game. In the 1800s, a game that more closely resembling modern bingo was played in parts of Northern Europe, and by the time it made its way into Britain, it was set to conquer the world. Because from there, the game spread to the United States, to Australia and to everywhere else.

The Best Online Games

When it comes to online bingo, you can’t go much wrong with Microgaming. They have pretty much cornered the market where bingo is concerned, with the following games available:

Ballistic Bingo:  This is one of our favourite bingo games of all time and probably our number 1 on the Microgaming software. It uses a traditional Latin setup, but don’t worry if you’re not sure what this is, as it’s a pretty basic setup and one that you will have either played before, or one that you will be to adapt to pretty quickly. There is an average Return to Player of 95% on this game and there are 15 numbers chosen, with a huge payout if you land a full house. In fact, the highest payout is 5, 000x and with the second highest payout at 750x, there are plenty of big wins beyond that as well.

Electric Bingo:  This is a little more complicated than Ballistic Bingo and there is much more going on. If you like to keep things simple then this is probably not for you. However, if you like your games feature-rich and are prepared to stick this one out and to make it through that learning curve, then it will reward you. This game is a twist on traditional bingo and there are some huge prizes to unlock.

If these are not to taste, then one of the follow may be. These are either bingo-like games, or they are very similar in nature:

Sic Bo:  A classic game of chance that has a lot going on and might be difficult for novice players.

Crown & Anchor:  A take of Sic Bo that is easier to pickup and play, but has a smaller RTP.

Keno:  A popular numbers game that offers some big rewards.

Tips for Online Bingo

The best tip that we can give you when playing bingo, is to carefully chose the game that you play. That’s why we outlined the best games above. These are all worth a play and there is value in all of them, so it’s just a case of finding the one that suits your style and the one that appeals to you the most.

This is important because there are some big differences between games of bingo on different sites. Some of them will load the games with big graphics and bigger features, keen to attract players in their droves with the hope that none of them will pay attention to the fact that those features are only there to hide low payouts and poor odds.

Of course, this is not the case with actual games of bingo, where you are playing against other players. But it is the case when you are playing against the computer. As it happens, it’s actually better to play against the computer, as the odds tend to be far more favourable. You might have a better chance of scooping a small win when playing against others, but when it comes to the big bucks, then you are better off competing against the computer.

The following may also help you when playing this game:

  • Make sure you bankroll before you begin.
  • Don ’ t bet more than you can afford to lose.
  • Don ’ t play when you are frustrated, angry or drunk.
  • Get involved. It ’ s a community game and you ’ ll enjoy it more that way.
  • Aim for small wins and treat big wins as a welcome bonus.

You should always try and secure as many bonuses as you possibly can, which is all down to the casino that you join. As we shall discover.

Where to Play

Royal Vegas Casino is one of the most popular Microgaming casinos here in Australia and it has been that way for a number of years now. Not only can you find the games mentioned above on this casino, but there are also some big bonuses to unlock, including a new member bonus that pays you as much as $1, 200.

One of the best things about Royal Vegas Casino is the loyalty program. This is particularly useful for hardcore gamblers who play on a regular basis, as they can generate more points, climbing even higher in the loyalty program and unlocking even more prizes as a result.