Monopoly online casino game

Monopoly is a successful development of Evolution Gaming. The bright colorful game is unique in its kind, very much reminiscent of the online slot Dream Catcher from the same developer. The crisp graphics are impressive. Monopoly is a classic roulette game where players place bets on places with certain prizes and often get pleasant surprises. Playing Monopoly in a casino is quite simple, so even a beginner who has no idea about this game before will be on the course in a matter of minutes.

Live game online casino Monopoly features

The live game of Monopoly online casino is somewhat different from the original version. Here the gambler will have to deal with a large reel equipped with sectors. Each section is numbered 1, 2, 5 and 10. Let’s look at the step-by-step instructions:

1. One player can make four throws.

2. The dealer sets the drum in motion.

3. The arrow stops at a specific sector, and if a gambler bet on it, you can celebrate victory. And most importantly, bets are made in cryptocurrency. The amount of payment in bitcoins depends on which section the bet was made on. The sector number is the multiplication factor. And if the number 5 dropped out on your platform, then the whole amount, respectively, is multiplied by this number. If another sector appears on the reel, unfortunately, the whole bet loses. Monopoly Live offers players a lot of pleasant opportunities:

1. “Chance” – the appearance of this strip means that you can take money or use the dropped multiplier.

2. When a card is dropped, the amount of the win with the bonus is deposited on the player’s account. In the case of a multiplying bonus, the bet continues to play on the next spin of the reel.

3. And yet, the game of monopoly is broadcasted in live mode, the winnings fall out through the RNG.

Monopoly casino: rules

For a successful game of Monopoly, you should perform the following game actions:

before determining the rate, select a table for cryptocurrency;

go to the “Bet Limits” tab, where you will see the upper and lower limits for the bet at the selected table in the casino. Please note that frequent bets require a decent bankroll;

Bets are placed before the drum starts spinning. On the panel, during the fixing of rates, a green backlight turns on. When this time ends, yellow lights up and then red;

to place a bet, select the desired chip – from 1 to 1000. To select, click on the desired segment;

to double the bet, just click on the “Double” panel;

use the “Repeat” button if you bet on the same segments every round. The key restores all bets that were made before. Before starting the game, consider the number of sectors on the reel:

1 – 22 segments;

2 – 15 sectors;

10 – 4 branches;

2 brooches – 3 segments;

“Chance” – 2;

4 throws – 1 sector.

The most valuable in terms of the number of drops is the “4 throws” sector. It is for him that you can get the largest payments, since the division includes a bonus game.

Bonus game at Monopoly casino

The Monopoly bonus game promises to be fun. And with a successful outcome, it will bring an incredibly large income. How to pass the bonus game:

1. To become its participant, you must bet any amount on “2 throws” or “4 throws”.

2. The player will now be prompted to roll the dice two or four times, depending on the segment dropped.

3. The results of the throws are summed up, on the field you need to collect as many prizes as possible, which increase the profit.

4. In the bonus game there are cells “Railroad”, “Chance”, “Taxi”, “Prison”, “Start”. If you get into the “prison” you will be saved by a roll of dice when two identical numbers fall out. When the cell in the Monopoly gambling game passes the “Start”, the entire winnings are doubled. Online Monopoly is rightfully considered a luxury game in which you can make a difference. Professional high rollers make money here using different roulette strategies and other secrets. A little luck, knowledge of the rules and luck will not leave you!