Lasseters Australian Casino Review

Lasseters is connected to a hotel. Its hotel is a 4 and a half star rated. It would only make sense for its casino to be ranked high.

Responsible gambling is something this casino strongly focuses on. Even on its website, it expresses how much they want responsible gambling to take place at their casino. On their website they have a mission statement for gambling, which states the following: «The management and employees of Lasseters Casino support a responsible approach to gambling at this venue. We are committed to promoting the socially responsible enjoyment of gambling and have a range of measures designed to ensure any potential harm from gambling is minimized.» Then it goes on to state, «If you require more information, please ask to speak to one of our Gambling Liaison Officers. Your privacy and confidentiality are assured.»

This is one of the ways this casino shows that they care for their players a lot. A lot of casinos do not show themselves encouraging their players to be responsible while they are playing, but also have fun at the same time. This casino does have a dress code. Dirty or worn items of shoes or clothes are not allowed. Clothing with offensive words or languages are not allowed. Hats are not allowed to be worn while playing on a poker machine or a table game. Each person must be at least 18 years old in order to be allowed entry.

This casino has over 330 of the newest electronic gaming machines available. Gamblers would also love the fact that they have a variety of table games that include Blackjack and American Roulette. Also, this casino has a lot of slot machines that go from old to new. The denominations ranges from 1 cent to $1.

There is a diamond lounge at this casino that recently opened and is available to their VIP guests. This lounge is considered to be the most exclusive gaming experience that is in Central Australia. In that lounge there are new electronic games and popular table games. Luxurious seating and personalized service is available inside of the lounge. It contains 54 of the newest electronic games. A private coffee lounge is also inside of it. Those inside of it are able to receive exclusive food and beverage service.

For those who love to play table games, there are four table game packages available. The names of those packages are Lasseters Bronze, Lasseters Silver, Lasseters Gold, and Lasetters Ultimate. Information about each of these packages are available on the casino’s website.

There are TAB facilities located in the Sports Lounge. UNITAB has all of the racing action that is in Australia and also have the international racing meetings that take place. It also has catering for wagers for all major sporting events.

The NT Keno games are played with eighty balls that are numbered. Twenty balls are drawn for each of the games. NT Keno network is connected with Lasseters. Each of the winning numbers are shown on the displays they have available. The Keno terminals are located in the Casbah and Sports Lounge.

There are 22 large screens located inside of the Sports Lounge. Also there are 5 sports plasma screens that show all of the racing meets and the sporting events live. Sports fans would definitely love this.

The employees at this casino are very nice and are willing to help out the guests whenever needed, which is another reason why this casino is loved so much by many different people. Its employees like to help make sure that the players have a lot of fun. When you walk into the casino, you feel the amazing atmosphere it provides right away. It has games that everyone can enjoy. The new gamblers can enjoy this casino as well. This casino provides a lot of uniqueness. One can suggest that this casino will continue to be around for a long time. This is how fantastic this casino is. Lasseters is definitely a place where many people can feel comfortable at. This casino also provides a lot of entertainment weekly. The entertainment it provides is something that is available for anyone.

This casino is a place that is very special to the city of Alice Springs. It fits right in with the city. The city is the third largest in the Northern Territory in Australia. Even if you do not live anywhere near Alice Springs, it is still suggested that you check this casino out. When you enter this casino, you will understand the hype about it. The games at this casino provide a lot of excitement and are in very high quality. Their graphics and sounds is something that adds to the already high amount excitement that exists at this casino 24/7.