Germs at casinos – Should you be concerned?

Many different types of people go to casinos. Some people who go to casinos are not clean. Since some casino guests are not clean, there are a lot of germs there. Casinos are known to be the perfect breeding place for bacteria. This is something that is common at high stake environments.

A University of Nevada Las Vegas professor and his students performed a study in five Las Vegas casinos. Once their study was finished, it was determined that chips distributed at all of those casinos were teeming with microorganisms. The most common one was staphylococcus. Staphylococcus can cause anything from pimples to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). MRSA is a disease that kills an estimate amount of 80, 000 people per year. Studies have also determined that a lot of causes of food poisoning has bacillus cereus.

What Can Casinos Do To Limit This?

Some say casinos should have disinfectant gel or wipes for each of the gambling stations Disinfectant gels can kill germs that come from common colds. The only way this would work is if the players decide to use the sanitizing measures. There have been some organizations who have been trying to persuade casinos into starting campaigns about how important it is to wash your hands and to sanitize them.

A different way casinos can avoid having a lot of germs is through using germ resistant equipment when they are interacting with guests. Leading establishments have already begun using antimicrobial pagers. They are used to help minimize the spread of germs in hospitality environments.

A study that was done from the University of Colorado at Boulder discovered that there are 150 germs and microorganisms that live on the hands of the average person. Most of these germs are harmless. However having an antimicrobial paging solution would destroy at least one transmission for dangerous germs.

There are many crucial components for a casino. Customer service is a key component in how well a casino is perceived. They have to make the guests feel comfortable want to return someday. Casino guests are supposed to have fun. They should not have to worry about getting sick while they are at one.

There is no way to get rid of germs fully, but there are things that can be done to put limits on them. Casinos and other high-volume environments have to be extra cautious with dealing with germs. There are many people at a lot of casinos each and everyday night. High-volume environments do not want their guests to be getting sick just because they entered their place.

Unfortunately we live in a world in which some people chose to not take good care of themselves to the best of their ability. Some people chose to not wash their hands. Whenever a person is in these type of environments, it is important that they are aware of this.

Most public places are filled with germs

Slot machines have a lot of germs on them. When you are playing a slot machine is constantly being used, you are getting the mix of everything prior players have put their hands on. It is important to be aware that some people pick their nose and scratch themselves on some of the nastiest areas.

Bathrooms at casinos and at other public places that many people go to constantly are filled with germs as well. Some suggest opening bathroom doors with a towel on your hands in order to avoid receiving the germs that are on the door handles. Also, some people who make the food being served at casinos, do not wash their hands either.

Some people suggest to not play on a machine near someone coughing or sneezing. The reason is because each time someone coughs or sneezes, germs get into the air.

No one can avoid being exposed to germs, well unless you decide to just stay at your house all of the time and never go out. Most people do not want to do that. A lot of us want to have fun and we have activities that we do in our daily lives that makes us have to leave home. Pretty much everything we touch has germs on them.

Of course when a person goes to a casino, they should not go to the extreme when trying to avoid as much germs as possible. Meaning they should not go up and wash their hands every five minutes, but however it still important to be cautious. Players should not worry to the point in which they are not enjoying themselves anymore. Nine times out of ten, no one gets sick from being at a casino. Most players enjoy themselves playing the games and possibly mingling with other people. The lesson here to learn is to be mindful of the fact that there are some who are unsanitary, but still have fun.