Android Casino Australia – Real Money Gambling App for Android

Although Apple got there first with smartphones and tablets, Samsung were quick to catchup and they are now the biggest developer of smartphones and tablets in many countries. A lot of that is down to the Android operating system, which is owned by Google (who bought the Android software during its early stages) and has since dominated the mobile market.

Here in Australia, Samsung are still trailing behind Apple, but Android is way ahead of iOS, and in this article we will look at ways that you can gamble on your Android device, whether it is a Samsung, HTC or another brand.

Gambling on your Android Device

Android devices are just as powerful and feature-rich as many Apple devices, and in some cases they are even more powerful and have even more features. However, the one thing that lets them down — from the perspective of a gambler — is the fact that they do not look too fondly on online gambling.

The OS makes no attempt to stop you from actually gambling, but it does ban real money gambling apps from the Google Play Store, which means you have to visit the online casino website, and download directly from there. If you are using the default Android settings when you do this, then you may also face a security prompt that warns you against downloading from third-party developers and may even stop the download. But if that is the case then you just need to tweak your settings.

Best Android Casino

So, now that we have got the specifics out of the way, where should you go if you are looking to play the latest pokies and table games on your Android device? For us, Microgaming will always lead the way. They have more slots than any other developer, and they also have some of the biggest and best games around.

As for the best Microgaming casino, Spin Palace gets our vote. This casino has been around for over 15 years and it that time it has become the most highly rated and most popular casino in Australia, which is thanks in no small part to their vast selection of pokies.

Spin Palace Slots

So, what sort of pokies can you expect to find on the Spin Palace casino? Well, thanks to its use of Microgaming, there is no shortage of these, and amongst them you will find the best and most popular slots in the industry, as well as the ones with the biggest jackpots.

Mega Moolah

This is the game with the biggest jackpot, the one that all progressive pokie fans obsess over and the one that can make you a multi-millionaire in a single click. Mega Moolah holds the record for the biggest online pokie win, which occurred when it paid out around $18 million to a player on the BetWay casino (who also own Spin Palace). The thing that makes Mega Moolah so special is the seed amount, which is the amount that the jackpot begins at, and the amount it returns to when the jackpot has been won. At $1 million, it is the biggest seed amount in the industry, and it means that even if you win it immediately after someone else has won it (very unlikely) you will still be a millionaire.


Based on the famous bunny-eared brand, Playboy is available in both a single-player and a multiplayer format, and you can find both of these on the Spin Palace casino. We love the multiplayer version of this game. You need to bet a little more than you usually would, as it requires at least $1 a spin in order to get the multiplier going (the minimum bet is lower than this, but you’re throwing money away if you don’t focus on that multiplier) but it’s worth it. We’re not huge fans of the single-player of this pokie, but only because we’re comparing it to the multiplayer version, which is exceptional in so many ways.

Game of Thrones

This is a super-polished pokie that doesn’t cheapen itself by using images from the TV series that it is based on. The graphics are still very impressive and are much better off for the lack of TV show images, and because of this the game’s aesthetic is fantastic overall. The best thing about the Game of Thrones pokie is the fact that you can choose your own free spin bonus. In this feature you basically choose between four combinations, picking more free spins and a smaller multiplier, or a bigger multiplier and fewer free spins.

The Dark Knight Rises

As the sequel to the Dark Knight pokie, there was a lot of expectation surrounding this pokie when it was announced. Many players were disappointed because the first game had a progressive jackpot and this game did not. But even without this jackpot, the Dark Knight Rises was still leagues above the original game. Much of this is down to the bonus feature, which begins with a scrap between Bane and Batman on the reels, and rewards you with free spins and a multiplier depending on the outcome of the fight.