African Magic Slot

Ever wanted to experience luck, magic, voodoo, preternatural powers, and riches? If your answer is yes well here is your opportunity to do so. All of these elements combine together in Casino Technology’s African Magic slot. Through this slot, you will be able to realize that there is not much to separate in all of them.

When things get tough in our lives, a lot of us like to go to the powers that be. When playing African Magic that is all you have to do. African Magic can be a spooky slot for many. The setting of this game is located in the wilderness of Africa. When survival is the only motive left in a person’s mind, it is expected that some voodoo is what will be needed in order to make things better.


In regards to theme and presentation, this slot is not like anything else that is currently on the market. As a matter of fact, it is one of the weirdest slots out there. The themes of Native American life has been pretty common in the slot machine market, but however there has not been many based on African natives.

However at this point, this looks to be the end of it. This is a 5 reel and 25 payline non-progressive slot. Since this is the case, the interest in the birthplace of humanity in regards to this slot will peak.

One of the first few things you will realize in this slot are the beautiful cave paintings in the background. As you are playing African Magic, you will hear sounds that are uncannily spooky along with the theme of voodoo. In regards to the design, sound effects, animations, and choices of symbols, this slot is a hit. It plays wonderfully on mobile devices.

The Spells and Chants

Everyone who plays a slot are hoping that luck is on their side each time they play them. Even though many of us would consider winning $1, 000 in a jackpot a luck, it is important to think about not losing too much through playing any slot game.

Here is where your spirit will get tested, because while playing this slot you have to be able to hold your own even though it is about fortune. All of the symbols are a representation of the spirit of African life. These symbols include different shapes and colors, interesting drawings, native weaponry, Black magic women, and card symbols (9-A). The card symbols are designed to blend in with the theme.

Landing five symbols in the same row give out the highest payout during the base game. The highest paying symbols are the ones with red colored voodoo masks. If you land five in the same row (if you are able to handle that) do not forget to collect your prize of 1, 250 coins. The card symbols in this slot have the lowest values, even if you land five in the same row.

Do You Have a Voodoo Spirit?

If you are a voodoo child spiritually, then you should be happy because your stars are merry. There is a whole lot in African Magic and only you can hold yourself back.

There are two wild symbols in this game. A Magic Eye is the all-seeing Magic Eye and it is the regular wild. It has the ability to help you maneuver around your mind’s content until you come across high-paying combos. Also this wild has a 2x multiplier for a one wild feature and a 4x multiplier for two wild features.

The Black magic woman is the bonus wild. It can replace all of the regular symbols. Landing five of these in one row will get you a mega jackpot of 10, 000 coins right away with no conditions.

There is a scatter symbol in this game. That scatter symbol is the Enchanted Hut. If you receive the Enchanted Hut on reel 3, 4, or 5 then you will receive a gift of 15 free spins. Guess what? All of the free spins have a 2x multiplier. Don’t you wish that magic could be more real now? Final Thoughts About the African Magic Slot- When it comes to the looks and the overall quality of this game, it has a high grade. You know how sometimes you can be given too much of something at one time? This is how this slot comes across. It has too many good features for just one slot. Basically it is a bit overwhelming. However the game odds and the payouts are balanced in an even matter, which is obviously wonderful. Bonus rounds are definitely missing in this game, this game would have been better had there had been some featured. However, there are slots that are way worse than this one.